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Girl Power Campaign from Goldieblox

We, at SWYM love a retailer who makes a difference in people’s lives in a significant impactful way that challenges a trend and a stereotype. Unless one raises the right questions, the society as we see it will remain largely unchallenged and unimaginative.

Stereotypes are abound in all fields. There is a certain set way of acting and a set expectation of how a certain member of society will and should behave in a certain situation. So when a norm is broken, or asked to be shifted, there is a ripple that it causes within the audience.

Goldieblox is a toy company  that has decided to take charge and drive home the point that’s going around the world where we need more girls in STEM fields.  There is an increase in opportunity, support, knowledge and motivation to get more of our girls into fields that have been considered for many years a man’s domain.

Boys will play with legos and cars and trucks and toolboxes

Girls will play with Barbies, kitchen sets and make jewelry and bake cookies in their Easy bake ovens.

Well, not many of us subscribe to that theory, but research (one of many) has proved that allowing and encouraging children (of both sexes) to play with neutral-gender toys, and when given the freedom to choose the toys they could play with, the natural interest and curiosity arises and they are more prone to explore ALL options.

It is precisely at this age that walls are built on what a child of one gender can do and cannot do. Typically, an extensively gender specific type toy is not always cultivating the balanced growth and perception of the child anyway. Boys playing with guns (we do not want aggressiveness and violence as they grow) and girls playing with Barbies and dress up (where the stress is on beauty and looking pretty) are not good in the long run once they enter the real world. So why encourage that?

Goldieblox, started off my Stanford graduate Debbie Sterling (read or listen to her story here), is one of the few who are taking that firm step in working at the stereotypes at the crucial age where they get created!

Watch their two minute advertisement (you will see shades of Macaulay Culkin and Home alone, in a good way!) and you will cheer and will want to see more such little girls to want to explore so much more that is out there, more than pretty pink tutus, and barbie and kitchen sets, which are all fun, but there is a more, more curious neurons waiting to fire and be the best they can be.

They can be more than just a princess.

Good luck to them as they compete for a spot at the Super Bowl in 2014, organized by Intuit!

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